Collage Kitchen

10 jun 2023

Collage Kitchen - on location
zaterdag 10 juni
13.30 - 16.30u
The Cut Loose Collage Club is a group of collage makers who like to get together once in a while. Feel welcome to join us. No experience is needed, but this is not a workshop, and there is no teaching involved, just come and try it out if you are interested in collage. 
Bring your own
Bring these materials - a pair of scissors, glue, paper and/or magazines
You might want to bring an extra magazine or book to share with the group!
Buy your own
Buy your museum ticket (Museumcard is valid at Museum Rijswijk)
Take note that there is an extra charge of 5 euro for the Paper Biennale
Leave no trace
We have been invited to use the museum Atelier and we will leave it as we find it.
Take time to tidy up your space before you leave!
Cut Loose Collage Club - on location is an initiative by Helen Hartmann, a collage enthusiast who likes to share her love for collage and connect other (paper) artists and makers by organising cut and paste gatherings at different locations.
We are returning to Museum Rijswijk to enjoy an afternoon of collage making in the museum atelier. Are you a collage-maker? Or are you interested in trying it out? Join collage-makers at wonderful Museum Rijswijk. We are a self-sufficient and fun group of collage makers who like to get together and inspire each other. The atelier at Museum Rijswijk is spacious and has great natural light. Get offline and connect with your intuition and with others. Bring your own materials (magazines or old paper) and join us for a couple of hours of collage making.