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Except for two cellars, the museum is completely wheelchair accessible.

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Robbie Cornelissen & Karin van Dam. De Onderstroom

MAR 26 - JUN 11 2023

Robbie Cornelissen and Karin van Dam have collaborated a number of times since 2005. Results of their investigation have been shown at the exhibition Kantelpunt #1 at the Cacaofabriek in Helmond (2017) and at the Karachi Biennale in Pakistan (2019). In 2021, an exhibition was organised at Galerie Maurits van de Laar entitled places we have never been before, with new combinations of works (Duets). Six years after Kantelpunt #1, we thought the time had come for a new and extensive museum presentation to present the recent results of their research and collaboration.

This exhibition gives an insight into the distinctive and long-standing collaboration between two artists who, in addition to their own artistic practice, find each other in shared fascinations. 


Rijswijk artists at work 1900-1940
MAR 26 - JUN 11 2023

Around 1900 s small artists’ colony arose in Rijswijk which was then still an attractive, green village that offered the artists plenty of inspiration for their work. In the exhibition Rijswijk artists at work 1900-1940 the public is introduced to these artists, such as Wijnand van Horssen, Pieter de Regt and Otto Kriens. What did thet look like and where did they live. Did they work at home in their studio or did they also go out into nature. What role did they play in the small village community and how did the inhabitants of Rijswijk become aware of the works of their fellow villagers. Photo’s, drawings and paintings from the collection of Museum Rijswijk illustrate the story. A large number of works  by these artists have been brought together in a ‘salon’-like presentation that does justice tot the conservative character of these artists and their paintings.